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[GreenYes] Grassroot recycling activities at NRC Congress
The following is a summary of events at the National Recycling Congress 
next week that will be of interest to grassroots recyclers.  Please check 
with NRC staff at the Registration Desk, or in the Congress program for 
room numbers and locations.

Don't forget to check out the booth in the exhibit area of CRRA's Global 
Recycling Council (GRC) and the GrassRoots Recycling Network.  It will 
feature local government resolutions on zero waste, electronics take back, 
beverage container waste, and Dow's herbicide that is threatening the 
compost industry.

See you in Seattle!

Gary Liss
Sunday - 12-4 GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN) Organizing Meeting.  For 
GRRN leaders to strategize on where GRRN is, where it's going, and what's 
GRRN doing at NRC.  This isn't on the Congress Program - please send reply 
to me or Rick Anthony ( for location.

Monday - 4-5:30 pm  GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN) Open Forum - Annual 
update on GRRN activities.

Tuesday - 9-10:30 am - "The Movement to Zero Waste" session organized by 
Eric Lombardi and Gary Liss.  Eric will highlight "What Is A ZW
Community?", including a discussion of ZW Policy Innovations, Mandatory
wet/dry separation, Mandatory ICI diversion planning, EPR funding support
for new collections, Contracting Innovations, Market Development, Community 
Service Voids Assessments, Land Use Planning and Siting issues, Govt 
Purchasing Practices,  ZW Advocacy, Waste Prevention, Consumer Purchasing, 
Community Organizing, ZW Communications, ¨ Economics of the ZW option, ZW 
Collections, and ZW
Competitors (Landfilling and  Incineration).

Gary will present on Resource Recovery Parks, Incentives for
diversion,  and Zero Waste Principles for Businesses. This session will
highlight businesses that have achieved >90% waste diversion, and discuss 
other criteria being considered by international zero waste activists to be 
considered Zero Waste companies in the future. This talk will solicit
suggestions for different categories of leadership by businesses towards
the goal of Zero Waste, including those who have adopted a Zero Waste goal 
and a target date for achieving that goal (e.g., ZW Diversion leaders, ZW 
Procurement Leaders, ZW Responsibility and Takeback Leaders, ZW Reuse and 
Repair Leaders, ZW Waste Prevention Leaders).  The talk will also solicit 
input from the audience on the different purposes for listing companies as 
Zero Waste leaders including membership in an information sharing Zero 
Waste organization, recognition in national or international awards 
programs, and certification possibly for a rating service that would
provide the basis for socially responsible investment companies to evaluate 
the waste management practices of listed businesses.

Tuesday - 9-10:30 am - "Recovering Electronics from Residences and Small 
Businesses" session.  GRRN encourages people to attend this session.

Tuesday - 1:30-3 pm - "International Trends in Packaging and Electronics
Take-Back and Product Stewardship" session.  GRRN encourages people to 
attend this session.

Tuesday - 1:30-3 pm - "Electronics Recycling Does Compute (Federal Envt. 
Executive track)" session.  GRRN encourages people to attend this session.

Tuesday - 3:15 p.m. - 5:15 p.m, CRRA's Global Recycling Council (GRC)
Takebacks Meeting, Room 604, 6th Floor, East Side  - GRC encourages other 
ROs and NRC attendees to adopt e-waste resolutions and beyond.

Wednesday, 8:30 - 10:00 am, "Just the Facts -- Comparing the Costs,
Benefits and Effectiveness of Beverage Container Recovery Programs,"
This session will mark the release of a ground-breaking study that could
help break the logjam on new deposit legislation in the United States.
The study was conducted by a team of leading consultants (RW Beck,
Franklin Associates, Tellus and Sound Resource Management Group).
Coca-Cola, Waste Management Inc. and other stakeholders sponsored
and participated in the study.  The Multi-Stakeholder Recovery Project is
spearheaded by Businesses and Environmentalists Allied for Recycling
(a project of Global Green USA), which formed in response to GRRN’s
Beverage EPR Campaign.  The report, which documents baseline
statistics on U.S. container recovery programs during the study year of
1999, shows that deposits are the only proven way to get to 80% recovery
and points to a modified deposit/redemption system as the most cost
effective approach.

Wednesday - 10:15-11:45 am - "When you Don't Reach your Goals"
session.  Gary Liss is one of the speakers, speaking about Del Norte Zero 
Waste Plan.  He will highlight what led this rural county of 30,000 to be 
the first community in the nation to adopt a Zero Waste Plan.  He will also 
summarize key aspects of the Zero Waste Plan, and report on its implementation.

Wednesday - 10:15-11:45 am - "Corporate Product Stewardship Initiatives for 
Electronics" session.  GRRN encourages people to attend this session.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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