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Re: [GreenYes] MSW vs total wastes
That was my understanding too

If you get more info please post -- industrial waste is not sexy!!

Try Franklin Assoc??

Michele Raymond

At 04:46 PM 1/4/02 -0600, Heidi Swets wrote:
>         A few years ago I read something which compared municipal solid 
> waste to
>"all the waste generated in the U.S.", including mining and logging
>wastes,air pollution, water pollution, manufacturing wastes.  MSW was
>described as being just (approx.) 2% of that total waste amount.  The point
>of the statement was to point out how relatively minimal the impact of
>recycling can be in conserving energy and materials, especially if our
>national recycling rate is somewhere around 26,27%.  The greater benefit,
>then would come upstream from recycling, at the extraction and
>manufacturing stages.
>         I wonder if anyone can help me verify the accuracy of this 2% MSW 
> figure.
>Is there a waste characterization study which lumps MSW with all these
>other waste categories?
>                         Heidi Swets
>                         Spectrum Recycling
>                         Decorah, Iowa
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Michele Raymond
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