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Re: [GreenYes] recycling plastic number 5's and 6's. -Why makeit at all?
Michele Raymond wrote:
> RE plastic lumber:
> Does it make sense to cut down trees that take 20-40 years to grow,  when
> we cant grow them fast enough -- and which use horrible toxic chemicals for
> treating for outdoor use  -- if we can make a substitute out of trash???
> I have been saying for years the lumber companies should diversify into
> plastic lumber -- one is I believe.

there are many trees that can be used sustainably - some even grow
within 5 or so years - but the point is still: if we work within a
sustainable carrying capacity of a forest, for example, we will be able
to supply the need, but the "trash" plastics, etc. will come from
non-renewable resources, so it cannot be considered sustainable - if we
had a firm timeline to phase out single use packaging, etc, one could
possibly make a case for some limited similar application, but if we
simply create a "market" fo0r the trash, then we simply encourage waste


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