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[GreenYes] RE: Recyclers' Analysis of Barrier and Amber-Tinted PET Bottles
Peter Anderson wrote on 12/18/01:

"The unique attribute of this report is that, for the first time, an
objective and quantifiable protocol has been specified to project the
economic impact of barrier and tinted PET bottles.  It is important to note
in this regard that, since the release of the report, neither the APC,
NAPCOR, APR, nor any of the barrier suppliers has publicly criticized that
methodology, nor the application of the protocols to the first generation
barrier bottle."

Mr. Anderson's comment infers NAPCOR's support of the Plastic Redesign
Project's report, "PET Barriers, Tints and Recycling: Challenges and
Potential Impacts on the RPET Stream."  I would like to state for the
record that NAPCOR's lack of public comment on the report should not be
perceived as an endorsement, acceptance of or agreement with the study.

Prior to the release of the finalized report, NAPCOR received and reviewed
a preliminary draft.  NAPCOR had concerns with some of the conclusions of
the report and requested the opportunity to meet with the project advisory
committee in a formal setting to discuss the report.  That request was

NAPCOR recognizes APR as the pre-eminent authority on the impact of
barriers and tints on the PET recycling stream, because recycling is the
core business of its members.  APR's substantial work over the last four
years to obtain the necessary data and analyze the potential impacts of new
technologies has enabled the organization to gain the respect of all
sectors of the industry - consumer products companies, bottle converters,
label and adhesive manufacturers, and technology companies.  As such,
NAPCOR will continue to recognize and support the APR as the leader in this
Luke B. Schmidt
2105 Water Ridge Parkway, Suite 570
Charlotte, NC  28217

704/423-9500 (FAX)
704/904-3006 (Mobile) (Internet)

This communication contains confidential NAPCOR information intended for
the use of the addresse(s) indicated above.  Any copying, use or
dissemination of this information by or to any person other than the
indicated addresse(s), or others within their companies, without NAPCOR's
prior authorization is strictly prohibited.

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