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[GreenYes] Fw: Solid Waste Digest - Zero Waste in Minnesota
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Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 10:05 PM
Subject: SWD's WEEKLY NEWS UPDATE - December 13 - 19, 2001

Solid Waste Digest's summary of the weekly solid waste
industry news.


Calling on state officials to give Minnesota¹s long-term
solid waste plans ``a 21st Century tune-up,¹¹ Minnesota
government officials, business representatives, and
recycling professionals have urged a state ``blue ribbon¹¹
panel examining the future of waste management to go beyond
recycling to ``Zero Waste ... or darn close.¹¹ Minnesota¹s
Solid Waste Advisory Committee is holding hearings to
continue shaping the state¹s long-term solid waste
management plans, and Minnesota¹s Grass Roots Recycling
Network is seeking to encourage the state to consider Zero
Waste possibilities. GRRN is a North American network of
waste reduction professionals and activists and is a leading
proponent of Zero Waste strategies. GRRN¹s recently released
Zero Waste Briefing Kit provides decision-makers with the
information, tools, and case studies to make Zero Waste
planning a reality. GRRN¹s Briefing Kit details how current
public policy and corporate practice act as barriers to Zero
Waste, as well as the ways businesses and communities are
transforming a liability (waste) into a community asset
(resources). More information:

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