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[GreenYes] Legislative Committee votes not to endorse yard waste dumping in Peoria
The Legislative Study Committee of the Peoria County Board consists of five
members. Three members were present yesterday (12/17/01) to vote on whether
the committee would recommend supporting legislation to overturn a Illinois
Statute that has banned yard waste from landfills since 1990. In a vote of 2
to 1 the committee voted not to recommend support for this legislation to
the Peoria County Board.

The Peoria County Board will meet again on 1/10/02. This vote is critical
because if the County votes "no" the proposal will go no further. Since the
City and County jointly own the landfill, which is operated by Waste
Management, both units of government must support the plan in order for a "5
year pilot project" to take place at the landfill.  If the measure is
defeated at the County lobbying for legislation to overturn the yard waste
ban will not be necessary.

The Peoria City Council approved the yard waste dumping plan on 11/6/01.
The County Board deferred a vote on this issue twice, first sending the
proposal to the Health & Environmental Issues Committee where a vote to
support the plan occurred and then sending the proposal to the Legislative
Study Committee where a vote not to support was cast yesterday.

Since two committees of the County Board are not in agreement the Technical
Paper prepared by  "Coalition to Oppose Attacks on Recycling in America" and
future communications will undoubtedly play a vital role in the final

I urge everyone who opposes yard waste dumping in landfills to write to
Peoria County Board members and ask them to oppose this plan.

Thanks to everyone who continues to work on this issue.

Charlene Lemoine
Waste Issues Rep.
Waukesha County Environmental Action League

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