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Re: [GreenYes] Plastics and TRUE recycling
Jay Donnaway wrote:  Until we get much further down
> the road to a biobased economy, plastics recycling is an imperfect process
> that requires constant attention, and energy recovery should be an option.

No - I simply cannot agree - what planet-given right does anyone have to
continue the use of known toxic products and processes? to justify it
"because it is there" is either supreme naivety of how the world works,
or a simple desire not to accept truth - if plastics were banned, for
example, what bets that industry will come up with workable alternatives
ASAP? McDonalds, in China, was given notice to stop using polystyrene
packaging - they were able to use a bamboo (I think) based product that
was compostable, and it was introduced within something like 30 days!!

so we do NOT have to live with toxics.. should we use the same argument
for radiation? or thalidomide? 

take care all...


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