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Re: [GreenYes] plastic # 5
Dear Yasmeen,

Nonprofits don't all lose money. The Ecology Center Curbside Recycling
Program in Berkeley makes both a profit and a conscious effort to send the
mountains of plastic waste to the best destination. Our program was one of
the first in the US to start a recycling program. We fought picking up
plastic since the beginning. For years it was not picked up. Then recently,
the City of Berkeley, who contracts the work out, ordered the Ecology Center
to pick it up. So, we complied with great reservation. There may be reason
to believe that this situation could change in the future. One can only

The reason for the reservation is mostly that since it is not really
recycled--none of it--consumers get the false impression that it is
environmentally benign, or environmentally friendly, as the saying goes.
Once they get this misinformation into their heads, it is not only difficult
to correct, but they feel they can purchase plastic without getting a bad
conscience. So, in general, the production statistics rise steadily, and
still, none is truly recycled.

One may say, "but by not collecting it, you send it directly to the

The response would be that it will go there anyway, even if it is collected
at the curbside. It may not be the first trip from the curbside that goes to
the landfill. But within a few short reuses of this waste, it will go
there... hopefully, instead of the alternatives like incineration in this
country or some other that is out of sight.

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Subject: [GreenYes] plastic # 5

> Hi,
> I am looking for as much information on #5 plastic as possible, if you
> of how widely it is accepted for recycling, where it is accepted, is
> curbside pick up ever available for this plastic and if so where.
> I am hearing that it is hard to recycle this plastic and I wanted to
> this. Also I heard that usually only non profit recycling companies will
> recycle it because they lose money in doing so and for profit companies
> don't want to eat that cost. Is this true?
> Any help you can offer would be very appreciated.
> Thanks
> Yasmeen Seedat
> Customer Service Coordinator
> 1-800-494-WILD (9453)
> 720-562-4791

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