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[GreenYes] Virus Warning
I just received several e-mails with virus infected attachments in which the subject header was:
[GreenYes] Re: Re: (topic)
which appears to indicate that the virus is grabbing a recent e-mail subject header from the infected host machine and then broadcasting itself to this list under the masquerade of an apparent reply to a message from this list.  Fortunately,  my AV software was able to intercept it.  However, I am recommending that any recent messages that appear to be from the GreenYes list with attachments should be immediately deleted without opening. I am also further reinforcing Chris Sparnicht's recent message regarding e-mail attachments by deciding from now on to automatically delete any message from GreenYes (or any other discussion list) that has an attachment due to computer security concerns.  This is most unfortunate but it seems to me that the incidence of viral attacks from e-mail lists seems to be recently on the rise.
I also urge all list members to regularly scan your systems with your AV software with updated viral definition files.  This is because, even if you don't send attachments, there are viruses (Trojan worms) that can attach themselves to the signature files of your messages.
I can't understand why the hackers that generate these viruses can't use their talents for creating beneficial software.  There's got to be a better way for them to get acclaim for their cleverness.
Roger M. Guttentag

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