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[GreenYes] Bryant Gumbel could start an Adopt A Tree project

I have become aware that you made some careless comments about recycling 
Christmas Trees.

This disappoints me,perhaps you might like to improve your reputation 
on this issue by pioneering a national adopt a tree project for the holidays 
that would see more trees planted and left in the ground.
The way I see the project working would be that trees would be adopted  
individually or as neighbourhood groups in a state forest,national forest and 
city parks,for decoration as a group activity.

On Christmas Day the adopters would bring their presents from their homes,to 
place under the tree for distribution to the recipients.

If weather does not permit an outdoor gathering,then a small permanent tree 
would be provided by the forest authority or city as a receipt for their 

Alternatively a seedling could be purchased from the forests department to be 
planted on private properties and backyards.

There is greater joy in watching your own Christmas Tree growing with your 
family than killing a tree every year for Christmas.

Terence Seymour


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