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Re: [GreenYes] High-tech recycling on our horizon?
Thank you, Paul - one of the most comprhensive and accesible groups of
words I have read on dioxins and plastics I have read in a long time -
the points about sustainability refer:
1) does the product come from an extractive resource? (i.e. mining) -
then it could not be defined as sustainable...
2) is it energy intensive in it's manufacture, use and "disposal? then
it cannot be sustainable..
3) are the emissions during it's life cycle highly toxic, inwhatever ppm
etc? - then it cannot be sustainable..
4) does it have to be transported long distances? then it cannot be
5) does it depend on ever increasing demand for the product, resulting
in more resource consumption? then it cannot be sustainable..

I could go on, but I think the point is made...

When will we all begin to see that there is no planetary rught for
products to exist, just because someone thinks they can make money or
provide jobs from it? do we encourage the production of weapons of mass
destruction? are the deaths any more acceptable because they are not

We must all remain vigilant, and tackle the greenwashers as they pop up
- if there is a part of me that is close to merciless, is for apologists
for killers - strong language? yes, when we realise that killing people
for money leads to strong emotions...

plastics may have their place in our society - I cannot think of many
products that work, but I stand to be corrected - but we certainly do
not need any process that produces emissions not found in nature, like
dioxins, and are as persistent as nuclear radiation...
take care all, and have a good weekend...


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