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[GreenYes] Fwd: EPA's Draft Policy - Beyond RCRA...2020 -DC 11/28 & SF 12/11

>  We need to get out the troops to testify on this!  Wouldn't it be great 
> if we could get EPA to adopt Zero Waste nationally?!
>Who can attend on 11/28 in DC or 12/11 in SF?  I hope to go to SF meeting 
>and testify.
>Gary Liss
>>Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 10:04:40 -0500
>>Subject: Public Meeting Announcement on Beyond RCRA: Prospects for Waste 
>>and  Materials Management in the Year 2020
>>Gary -Please forward the attached to anyone you think would be
>>interested in commenting on what the future of RCRA should be in 2020!
>>         Announcement of Public Meetings and Request for Comments
>>                                    on
>>        Beyond RCRA: Prospects for Waste and Materials Management
>>                             in the Year 2020
>>                           A Draft White Paper
>>Dear Colleague:
>>      We are pleased to offer for your review and comment the attached
>>draft White Paper, which outlines a new public policy "vision" of a more
>>sustainable system for managing wastes and materials in the United
>>States two decades from now.   This paper has been drafted by a joint US
>>EPA-State-Tribal working group charged with exploring how the country's
>>current waste management system might evolve to meet the challenges and
>>opportunities of the new century.  The draft white paper is intended to
>>help stimulate a creative, forward-looking dialogue around this critical
>>question...The paper... is available on EPA's website at
>>      We hope you will find the draft paper to be both readable and
>>thought provoking.  We believe that these ideas are a good place to
>>begin a very important discussion on the future of the nation's waste
>>program.  As a first step in facilitating this dialogue we have
>>scheduled two meetings to discuss the paper and receive the views and
>>comments of RCRA stakeholders and other interested parties.  The
>>meetings will be held on:
>>      November 28, 2001, from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM, in Room 1153 of the EPA
>>      East Building at 12th and Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC
>>      (first floor, Constitution Avenue entrance).
>>      December 11, 2001,  from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM, at the Sir Francis
>>      Drake Hotel, 450 Powell Street in downtown San Francisco,
>>      California.
>>      The meetings will give attendees the opportunity to speak to the
>>assumptions and directions included in the draft paper.  The sessions
>>will be informal, with opportunity for interaction between attendees and
>>the EPA, state and tribal officials responsible for the ideas and
>>approaches reflected in the current draft paper.
>>      The meeting discussions will be structured around several key
>>questions, including the following:
>>?    Are there any important flaws or omissions regarding the trends
>>identified in the draft paper that might affect the goals and
>>corresponding tools/strategies described in the document?
>>?    From your perspective, are the goals for a future program as
>>identified in the draft  paper sound and appropriate?
>>?    Do the identified tools/strategies for achieving each goal seem
>>appropriate, or are there alternative tools/strategies that might be
>>more successful?
>>?    If the paper's vision of a future program is a desirable outcome,
>>what nearer term actions might be appropriate in working to achieve it?
>>      If you plan on attending one or both of these meetings, we
>>encourage you to preregister by emailing Jennifer Agostinelli of Ross
>>and Associates Environmental Consulting, Ltd., at
>> If there are questions about the
>>draft paper or the upcoming meetings, please contact Angie Leith in
>>EPA's Office of Solid Waste at (703) 308-7253, or by email at
>>      In addition to the upcoming meetings, we invite written comments on
>>the draft White Paper.  We ask that such comments be submitted no later
>>than January 15, 2002. Due to recent disruptions in postal deliveries,
>>we strongly encourage you to email comments. Comments may be emailed to
>> (subject: Beyond RCRA White Paper). Address regular
>>mail to:
>>Beyond RCRA White Paper
>>c/o RCRA Information Center
>>U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (5305G)
>>1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
>>Washington, DC 20460
>>       A summary of the comments expressed at the meetings will be
>>prepared and made available to all interested parties.  Written comments
>>will be available for viewing by interested parties at the RCRA
>>Information Center, located at Crystal Gateway 1, First Floor, 1235
>>Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA.
>>      Thank you in advance for your comments and contributions to this
>>valuable analysis of future directions for our nation's waste management
>>Michael H. Shapiro            Ron Hammerschmidt
>>Deputy Assistant Administrator           President, Environmental
>>Council of the States
>>Office of Solid Waste & Emergency  Director, Division of Environment
>>Response, USEPA               Kansas Dept. of Health & Environment
>>Mark Giesfeldt                Elizabeth A. Cotsworth
>>President, ASTSWMO            Director, Office of Solid Waste
>>Director, Bureau of Remediation &  Office of Solid Waste & Emergency
>>Redevelopment, Wisconsin           USEPA
>>Department of Natural Resources

Gary Liss
Gary Liss & Associates
4395 Gold Trail Way
Loomis, CA  95650-8929
Phone: 916-652-7850
Fax: 	  916-652-0485

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