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[GreenYes] CA Strategic Plan update
Article prepared last week for CRRA's RecycleScene.  More news to come 
GRC Advocates for Zero Waste in CIWMB Strategic Plan
By Gary Liss, Secretary, Global Recycling Council (GRC)

	Over the past two years, the CA Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) 
has developed a Strategic Plan.  First started as the 21st Century Project, 
hundreds of stakeholders from all over the state helped identify key issues 
before the industry, and the appropriate role for the CIWMB to play.  The 
Strategic Plan will be the basis for allocating staff resources, budget 
development, contract funds, and developing future legislative proposals.

Some major manufacturing groups objected to terms such as "Zero Waste, 
product stewardship, extended product responsibility, environmentally 
preferable products and manufacturer responsibility" included in the Draft 
Strategic Plan. The American Plastics Council, the California Chamber of 
Commerce and the California Manufacturers and Technology Association led 
this industry opposition.  Together with other major industry players, they 
called themselves the "Thursday Group."

The Global Recycling Council (GRC) of the CRRA worked with Californians 
Against Waste to support Zero Waste and product stewardship language in the 
Draft Strategic Plan.  GRC and CAW encouraged people to send emails and to 
testify at an Agenda Hearing of the CIWMB on November 7th.  The Zero Waste 
network responded enthusiastically, and sent dozens of emails to the 
CIWMB.  At the hearing on November 7th, we had more representatives in 
favor of Zero Waste and product stewardship testify than industry had in 
opposing those terms.

The following people spoke on the Strategic Plan at the CIWMB Hearing on 
November 7th:

Against Draft Plan Zero Waste and Product Stewardship language:

Tim Shestek, American Plastics Council and The Thursday Group
Brian White, CA Chamber of Commerce and The Thursday Group
Jeff Sickenger, CA Manufacturers and Technology Association and The 
Thursday Group
Laurie Nelson, Consumer Specialty Products Association

Pro Draft Plan Zero Waste and Product Stewardship language:

Mark Murray, Californians Against Waste
Bill Magavern, Sierra Club
Gary Liss, for Global Recycling Council
Representative from San Joaquin County Dept. of Public Works (For product 
stewardship issues)
Evan Edgar, CA Refuse Removal Council (for product stewardship issues)

The following are responses from CIWMB Boardmembers:

Jose Medina - The process followed was extensive and open, and the meetings 
were adequately noticed.  The real question will be in the implementation 
of Strategic Plan.  The Environmental Justice language is consistent with 
CAL EPA language.
Steve Jones - He spoke strongly in favor of Zero Waste, saying that it 
meant being smarter and designing packaging that protects products that may 
be less expensive and produce less waste.  He said it was important to 
leave the bar high, to encourage businesses to think about the waste from 
their products.  He said conversion technologies should be considered as 
part of the mix of technologies helping to achieve Zero Waste.  He 
highlighted the importance of product stewardship and noted a long history 
of that in California, including AB939's initial plan to fund the state 
programs with advance disposal fees (ADFs).  He suggested that they add a 
Definitions section to the Strategic Plan.

Mike Paparian - He thanked and welcomed the business community 
representatives and said the CIWMB needs to work together with them.  He 
appreciated Mr. Jones comments on Zero Waste, and then noted that Zero is 
not an uncommon business concept.  He cited many companies with Zero 
Accidents, Zero Defects, and Zero Injuries policies. Ricoh facilities in 
Orange County reported achieving Zero Waste to landfill.  Texas Instruments 
was given an Award of Excellence by then-Governor Bush for their zero waste 
of resources.  Mitsubishi has a Zero Waste to landfill policy in 
Japan.  Toyota has a Zero Waste to landfill policy.  Raytheon is striving 
to eliminate waste and emissions.  Canon has a Zero Waste to landfill 
policy.  Epson has a Zero Waste by 2010 policy. Dupont has a Zero Waste and 
Emissions policy.

Mr. Paparian noted that the CIWMB had not taken the issue of Zero Waste 
lightly.  The fact that business has adopted Zero Waste goals impressed him 
and the CIWMB needs to adopt Zero Waste as a goal.  He suggested quarterly 
updates and an Annual Review of the Plan for midcourse adjustments.  He 
noted that The Thursday Group had asked the CIWMB to follow the lead of the 
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing program of the USEPA.  He suggested 
keeping the draft staff language on this issue, but adding the USEPA 
program as an example to draw from.

Senator David Roberti - He said the Strategic Plan was a step forward, 
especially with product stewardship.  He was particularly happy with the 
mix of testimony from business and the environmental community at the hearing.

Chair Linda Moulton Patterson  - She liked the idea of an Annual Review, 
and adding a Definitions section.  She said that staff did a good job.

By the time you read this, hopefully the CIWMB will have adopted its 
Strategic Plan (see 
at its November 13th Board meeting with Zero Waste and product stewardship 
language intact.

GRC would like to thank all those who attended the meetings on November 7th 
and November 13th, and those who sent in emails.  For more information on 
the CIWMB Strategic Plan, contact Rubia Packard at the CIWMB at 916-341-6289.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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