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[GreenYes] RELEASE: Recyclers Expose Staples Greenwashing


Office Supply Chain Challenged on America
Recycles Day Sponsorship

ATHENS GA  The U.S.'s largest network of waste
reduction activists today challenged Staples, the
nation's largest office supply chain, to 'walk the talk'
and commit to achieving 50% post-consumer content
for all paper products within two years, and stop
seeking public relations alternatives to action.

The GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN) joined
forest protection advocates across the country in
demanding that Staples take responsibility for growing
forest destruction by stocking recycled paper.

 "Staples' attempt to buy greenwashing cover by co-
sponsoring the 5th America Recycles Day (November
15) -- instead of taking real action -- won't wash with
consumers," said GRRN executive director, Bill
Sheehan.  "Staples needs to come clean and do the
right thing."

According to Staples executives on November of
2000, 97% of the copy paper Staples sells comes
from virgin wood  with only 3% from recycled
resources.  In response to the consumer campaign
launched a year ago, Staples recently introduced two
new lines of recycled paper containing 10% and 50%
post-consumer recycled fiber.

"Actions speak louder than words," said Todd Paglia
of ForestEthics.  "With over 200 demonstrations at
Staples stores, citizens are sending a strong message
that Staples must get out of the business of
destroying forests.  A few token recycled products on
their shelves does not buy credibility."

"Now more than ever, we as Americans realize how
important our nation's forests are for peace of mind
and quality of life -- something that we won't let
corporations such as Staples take away. Our forest
heritage is something to protect for our children and
our future," said Danna Smith of the Dogwood

The GrassRoots Recycling Network is a North
American network of waste reduction activists and
professionals dedicated to achieving sustainable
production and consumption based on the principle of
Zero Waste.

Consumers can write an e-letter to Staples CEO Ron
Sargent at
More information on The Stop Staples Campaign is at

Bill Sheehan (GA) 706-613-7121

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