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[GreenYes] Way to go, Bill,

               Coca-Cola exceeds schedule for recycled PET
               content in bottles
               ATLANTA (Nov. 13) -- Coca-Cola Co. is now using recycled polyethylene terephthalate in
               three of every four of its bottles in North America, ahead of the schedule the company set for

               Coke spokeswoman Natalie Rule said the firm is using 10 percent recycled content in 75
               percent of its bottles in the United States and Canada. The company s goal this year was to
               have recycled content in half its bottles, she said.

               The company quietly released the news to shareholder groups that are pressuring the soft
               drink company and to a recycling organization. Members of both groups praised the
               progress, and each noted that Coke has accomplished much more than rival PepsiCo Inc.

               But both investors and environmentalists said Coke still needs to present more tangible
               plans for increasing PET bottle recovery.

               "We recognize that Coke obviously put a significant effort into attaining those levels," said
               Ken Scott, a research analyst at Walden Asset Management, a Boston firm that describes
               itself as a socially responsible investment firm. "What we ve been looking for is timeline and
               structure of where they are headed on container recovery."

               Bill Sheehan, executive director of the GrassRoots Recycling Network in Athens, Ga.,
               praised Coke s efforts but said the company needs to keep pushing. "There is no question
               that is progress, and there is no question they are way ahead of Pepsi, but at the same time
               it s a small step forward," Sheehan said.

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