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Good work, Bruce Arkwright, Jr! Even if GRRN as an organization cannot take 
action on a dime, GRRN does us all a service by maintaining this email list 
so we can raise -- and respond to-- issues as individuals. Underground 
Storage Tanks (USTs) are the bailiwick of EPA's Office of Underground 
Storage Tanks (!). Visit their website at:

Like all mature bureaucratic responses to environmental problems, this one 
seems to have retreated beyond the public's attention. (Poor public, so 
many problems to attend to, so little time...) There are still hundreds of 
thousands of USTs (many under people's homes) waiting for attention. It can 
do no harm to contact your local OUST regional office and see if there's a 
delinquent large-scale UST near you that could use some visibility. Then 
write a letter to the local paper reminding the owner/operator that the 
public is waiting for action. It is the sunshine of public attention that 
heals these infections.

One of the things that keeps me going is that even a few of us, picking 
just a few of these small actions, just a few times, makes a difference. 
After all, there are SO MANY of us that we can share the work and not all 
have to do everything! That's why a list like this one, that reaches so 
many people, gives such hope: maybe one person out there will get on the 
UST's case who wouldn't have without learning about it on this list...


At 12:39 PM 11/02/2001 -0500, Bruce,Jr E Arkwright wrote:
>Sure we can, We can ask (demand) a list of the leaky sites this is public 
>information and post them.  Then it would be up to us the individuals in 
>the given states to write to our Represenetatives and Senators of the problem.
>Bruce Arkwright, Jr
>Erie's Efficiency & Solar Society
>Make a difference, help support the relief efforts in the U.S.
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To post to the greenyes list,
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