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Re: [GreenYes] Clopyralid and Compost (Dow ArgoSciences)

It seems you may have some opinions on Dow's clopyralid based
product 'Confront.' In the document you cut and pasted from
a clopyralid advertisement into greenyes for our list, 
I don't see any evidence of what it may be. I can only infer
that you use Confront on a regular basis and that you want
others to know about it. That's advertisement.
Please clarify with either an opinion or question if you have one.

Also as a note to all members, please allow me to let this
serve as a reminder that commercial advertisement is not
allowed on this list. The only allowed advertisement is for 
recycling/zero waste job postings and for 
recycling/ecological/zero waste events.

Unless there are objections, this advertisement will 
be deleted from our greenyes archive at the month's end.


Chris Sparnicht

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> Clopyralid and Compost

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