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[GreenYes] Need "GREEN TIPS" ideas/cut/waste/help/environment
Hi everyone,

To the moderator: i'm sorry if you have to redirect this to the list. My husband didn't get a chance to fully check out the problem yet, and i haven't much of a clue myself. I will get him on it soon.

Thanks for the great response for the "Titbits" of recycling info, I have these all written up now, and if anyone wants them I'll email them.Our Waste Handbook is with the graphic designer now, and he's starting on it monday morning.One last request, does anyone have some "Green Tips" -ideas where one can cut down on waste, (and maybe save money as well by doing so.) I have added on a list to this email, of what we have already. Even if you can think of only one, please let me know it We have found that the "green tips" are the most popular part of the booklet among our sample survey.

Thanks for your help in advance ! it's great to have you to ask !



Waste Study Group, Waterford, Ireland.

GREEN TIP Use a few drops of essential oil with water in a misting bottle as an air freshener rather than aerosols.

· GREEN TIP :Batteries such as AA size that initially for motive power eg razors can be used again in clocks, radios etc. have been used

· GREEN TIP :After weighing loose fruit and veg if you must use a bag, (you could bring your own) put it all into one bag and stick all the labels on the side.

· GREEN TIP Often using much less washing powder on a reduced temperature setting will produce just as good results. (Washing powders containing phosphonates or phosphates are harmful to our waterways, where they end up. )Try it, and save yourself money as well as helping your environment!

· GREEN TIP : an Eco-friendly spray against blackspot(eg. on roses) : Add 2 level teaspoons

· of Bread Soda to a cup of water. Add 1 dessert spoon of liquid fertiliser

· (optional) and a dash of washing up liquid. Stir the mixture and add it to

· a gallon of water.

· GREEN TIP- Eco-Cleaners : Vinegar and bottled lemon juice for windows and mirrors, and baking soda as an all-purpose.

· GREEN TIP- Rent a power washer to remove moss/weeds from your patio/drive.

· Pesticides can filter through the soil and contaminate groundwater.

· GREEN TIP: Prevent weeds with mulch matting on a roll under shrubs covered with bark mulch instead of using toxic sprays.

· Cut a plastic 2ltr bottle in half to make mini greenhouses for young plants.

· GREEN TIP :Keep used bits of paper and staple together for notemaking.

· GREEN TIP reuse envelopes by placing an adhesive label over the original address.(for source of recycled paper labels ,see page )

· GREEN TIP If soft drinks are used for lunches buy 2 litre containers to refill the smaller soft drinks bottles again and again.

· GREEN TIP: Save ice-cream containers to use as freezer containers

· GREEN TIP :Buy your meat loose at the counter rather than off the shelf in over-packaged plastic containers .


At Home

Save on energy and waste by using rechargeable batteries and long- life light bulbs.

· Use reusable containers to store food instead of covering it with foil or plastic wrap.

Use chemical cleaners sparingly (eg toilet cleaner) as they can contaminate our rivers, sea and drinking water.

Save clean plastic bags for charity shops to reuse.

In the Office and at School

Bring reusable bottles, mugs, flasks and lunch-boxes for break-time snacks, instead of disposable cans, cups, cartons and wrapping. (Eg. Instead of using disposable plastic cups for the water dispenser, keep your own mug at work and use that.)

Cut down on paper waste by always using both sides of a sheet of paper(even for printing out drafts.) Have a box near your desk to keep sheets for reuse.

Email rather than sending paper documents.



When Shopping
· Avoid over-packaged goods.(particularly at Christmas and Easter time).

· Choose products packaged in recyclable material eg. Glass , paper or aluminium.

· For all shopping (not just groceries ), Bring your own washable cotton bags, use the supermarkets reusable bags, or reuse plastic bags from previous trips.(Keep a stock of these in your car, and a folded up cotton bag in your handbag.)

· Buy unwrapped fruit and vegetables. Oranges, bananas, etc. are already well packaged by nature.

· Look for bargains in second-hand goods-(Charity shops, Salvage shops,“South-East Trader”, “Buy and Sell”).

· . Ask your supermarket to stock recycled paper products and buy them..

· Buying in bulk is cheaper and reduces packaging waste.

· Buy refills where possible. eg washing liquids.

· Choose “green” cleaners/washing powders eg. “Ecover.”

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