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[GreenYes] Professional Recyclers of PA -- website on WTC waste
Some of us have had questions about where the waste from the World Trade 
Center disaster is going, and what happened to our usual waste when the 
egress from Manhattan was closed.  This website looks at it from 
Pennsylvania's point of view.  They are waiving some regulatory 
requirements on their end.  The mention of friable asbestos is sobering, 
and I've asked them about waste min and recycling the City is apparently 
looking into doing.  (Still no mention of this on local media.)

Look under News.

In the meantime, last Friday's stats were as follows:

130,000 tons removed so far

A larger crane was brought in - one that can lift 1000 tons at a time

over 250 tons of scrap metal had been stolen from the site early on (for 
recycling).  Authorities are looking at the "Mafia" and carting other firms.

It is expected that the total amount of material will be over one million tons.

Currently four companies are working in four sectors.

Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist and Educator
New York City 
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