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[GreenYes] Re: [thimmakka] 2 articles on current violence in the US
To all,

As a Thimmakka <> board member, I would not like to think
that our mission is to degrade the US, or any nation. If it is, then someone
please tell me right now and I'll resign. Probably the rest of the members
would do so as well. But, I trust that Thimmakka has only healing in mind.

In order to heal, we must stop looking for symptoms and get to the problem.
This starts with a long, hard look at oneself. Is there something that I
have done to cause this problem? Personally, I recognize that I have been
living my life in a way that causes others pain. Not only is this hurtful
way of life acceptable in all developed nations, it is the norm. And even if
one decides to mend their own way of life, it is seen by others as
undesirable or getting in the way of progress. But is what we are doing
progress when the majority of the world's population is suffering and dying?

It is because of the rights of this great nation that we have the unique
opportunity to mend our ways, and to do so rapidly.

We have all expected too much. We hop from one country to another in jets,
as if the vapors trailing out the rear of the massive engines are harmless,
and the tons of materials that the jet is made of are formed by a magician.
Alone, we drive the 4 blocks for a loaf of bread in a vehicle that could
carry 15 people, and do so on an endless road made of highly toxic

I once wrote an article on how to save energy. It included many things that
would in no way detract from the quality life. On the contrary, it would
help everyone's physical, economic and spiritual health. One of the ways is
to dry our clothes on a clothesline or rack, rather than an electric or gas
dryer. In reaction to that article, one person's email asked me, "Should we
all live like Ted Kaczynski?" That really made me think for a moment about
just how spoiled this nation is. Our chief goal is to collect more wealth
and useless plastic objects than our neighbor. And because we never find
happiness in them, our interest turns quickly to the next useless plastic

We are faced with an extremely deep-rooted and ubiquitous dilemma. We don't
recognize that the problem is ourselves. Each one of us, no matter how hard
it seems that we think we are trying to do the right thing, needs to try
harder. We need to guide those of us who do not recognize the need to
change. If there is one thing that we should change, it is to remove the
blinders from our eyes in order to see that friendship and family are what
bring happiness and wealth, not material objects or gold.

A message from Michael Lerner fairly close to the way I feel. To see it go


Paul Goettlich
PO Box 517
Berkeley  CA  94701

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