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[GreenYes] And Now a Word from Our Sponsors
A Chance to Double Your Contribution to GRRN

The Grassroots Recycling Network has been
chosen as a recipient of a matching gift program
sponsored by Working Assets and Give For
Change.  In order to encourage citizens to donate
their tax refunds as a protest to President George
Bush’s tax refund and his presidency that
encourages the rape of the environment, between
July 4, 2001 and November 1, 2001 Working
Assets and Give For Change will match any
donation to GRRN in the exact amount of $300
or $600.

This is a great opportunity to double your
contribution to GRRN.  Remember only $300 or
$600 donations will be eligible for this matching
grant at

But all contributions of any size are welcomed by
GRRN -- that's what the work we do possible. You
may also mail a check to GRRN that is not eligible
for this match to the following address:   GRRN,
P.O. Box 49283, Athens, GA  30604.  Thank you for
your support.  Your feedback regarding our
programs is always welcome.

Thank you!

Bill Sheehan
Executive Director
GrassRoots Recycling Network
P.O. Box 49283
Athens, GA  30604-9283
Tel: 706-613-7121  Fax: -7123

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email to:

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this list is available here:

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