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[GreenYes] radioactive steel
This is scary. The government has radioactive waste that it doesn't know what to do with, so first they decide it can be used to bombard our food supply - they are making us eat it. Now they want us to construct buildings with it - making us shelter ourselves in it. What's next?
Is an exposure of .1 millirem per year from our buildings safe when added to whatever from our food added to emissions from electronics added to etc. etc.??  It seems to be an experiment and we are all the guinea pigs.
What I'd like to know is: Are they looking at the cummulative effects of these (potential) exposures when declaring them safe? Can they determine how these doses of radioactivity effect us in conjuction with other contaminants in our diet/atmosphere/environment?
In the meantime, if people want to live in radioactive buildings and eat radioactive food, that is there business. I don't, and I would like to know when I am being exposed to potential health risks.
David Wollner

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