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Re: [GreenYes] radioactive scrap policy review & comments
Maine, Bruce wrote:
> . It would appear that a
> dose rate of .1 millirem/year would be appropriate.  

To put forward a clear message about the nuclear industry: why should we
allow them to place ANY extra radiation into our bodies? If we choose to
X ray ourselves, it is a choice, for a perceived benefit - an imposition
of radiation WILL lead to harm to life, and must be resisted with all
our might... no radiation in my body for someone else's profit, thank

> questions remain in respect to how such information is provided and
> the protocol from scrap recycler to mill, to supplier to fabricator.

If you look at my previous e-mail, you will see how impossible that
protocol is, so we must simply not create the opportunity for the
problems to occur...

When will we all wake up to the facts that:
1) The nuclear industry is impossible without massive subsidies
2) That all radiation is harmful - even natural radiation, to which has
been added much more to create "background" radiation, and then to have
more imposed on us - if we agree with nuclear processes, what we are
saying in essence that we accept X numbers of cancers over the next so
many years... why?
3) That safe, simple and sustainable alternatives exist for the major
uses of radiation - why continue along an unsustainable path?

Do treat the industry with great caution - here are some horrifying
figures, worked out from information provided by internationally
respected bodies...

The following calculations of numbers of cancers caused by radiation are
the latest and the most accurate:

>From nuclear bomb production and testing		385 million
>From bomb and plant accidents				9,7 million
>From the "routine discharges" of nuclear power plants
(5 million from people living nearby)			6,6 million
Likely number of total cancer fatalities worldwide	175 million
Add to this:
235 million genetically damaged and diseased people;
588 million children born with diseases such as brain damage, mental
disabilities, spina bifida, genital deformities, and childhood cancers.

These are calculated by Dr. Rosalie Bertell, using the official
"radiation risk" estimates published in 1991 by the International
Commission on Radiological Protection, and the total radiation exposure
data to the global population calculated by the United Nations
Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) in

Please, friends - let's put a stop to this madness...

Take care, all....

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