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[GreenYes] Request for Links to City/County Recycling Sites
I found this great link
on Honolulu's city/county recycling website.

While the name of the site 'opala' means
'garbage' it seems pretty recycling-oriented.

We have a links subsite at GRRN
that allows people to submit links.
If any GreenYes members have found
links that set the example for
city/county recycling links like this one
or better, please go to our links section and
submit them!

On our site, just click on the 'links'
button in the menu. Click 'add a site'
Make sure the "category" is
Just fill out the info and click
'add resource.' That's it.

TIP: do a search on the site before
submitting to reduce duplicate submissions.

Help us broaden the network!


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