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[GreenYes] NRC Conference, volunteers needed
hi all:

I thought you might be interested in the following.  In addition, if you have
general questions about the Seattle area, feel free to contact me and I will
help if I can (Rick Hlavka, Green Solutions, 360-897-9533,  I'm the chairperson for the local group that is
assisting NRC with the conference.

Volunteers Needed:  
Are you interested in attending the NRC Congress this fall
(Sept. 30 through Oct 3 in Seattle) but have budget limitations? 
Then why not consider volunteering?  The Washington State
Recycling Association (WSRA) is organizing volunteers for
the Congress and if you fit the description above we are
interesting in talking to you.  Volunteers who work more
than 12 hours get a free conference registration.  Volunteers
working under 12 hours also get discounts. For more information
    Charlene Gallagher: (253) 593-7708,
 or Bill Reed: (206) 296-4402,

Hope to see you all in Seattle this fall!

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