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[GreenYes] America Recycles Day 2000 Winners Announced
Dear GRRN,

Pardon any cross postings.

I have pasted the press release below. Email me directly or your
state coordinator if you would like it in MS Word.

Please post this to other listserves and news services. Thanks in

Don't hesitate to email me with questions or comments.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 						February 21,

Contact: George Rutherford, America Recycles Day, Inc.
Tel: (703) 683-1605
Email:  { HYPERLINK ""; }

                America Recycles Day, Inc. Announces
                       National Prize Winners
         American Green Dream House Goes to Nebraska Woman 
            Texas Third-Grader on Her Way to Disney World

February 21, 2001 (Alexandria, VA) – The winners of the
America Recycles Day (ARD) 2000 national prize drawings were
announced today. Judith Mahoney of McCook, Nebraska, won
the grand prize, the American Green Dream House, which will be
constructed primarily of recycled materials. Kerstain Myers, a
third-grade student from Fort Hood, Texas, won a family vacation
to Disney World in Florida.
The American Green Dream House is valued at over
$200,000 and will be constructed in the location of Mahoney’s
choice, almost certainly in McCook, a small town of 8,500
residents. The house will likely include materials such as carpeting
made from soft drink bottles and cellulose insulation made from
recycled newspapers as well as a frame and roof will be made of
recycled steel.
Mahoney, who is semi-retired and works part-time at Wal-
Mart, was skeptical when Ann Allen, the Nebraska State
Coordinator for ARD, called to inform her she had won a new
house. Mahoney had just read about telephone scams in her local
paper, but after checking with the national ARD office and
website, she realized Allen wasn’t kidding. “Ms. Mahoney loves
to recycle and is learning about the importance of buying
recycled,” says Allen.
Eight-year-old Kerstain Myers, winner of the ARD
national youth prize, will be taking her parents and her sisters, 13-
year-old Courtney and 6-year-old Joanie, to the Walt Disney
World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Myers attends third grade at
Clark Elementary School on the U.S. Army base at Fort Hood,
Sgt. Delbert Myers, Kerstain’s father, will be coming
home on leave for the family vacation from Korea where he
serves with the 2nd Infantry Division. “We are the biggest
recyclers on our block,” said Michelle Myers, Kerstain’s mother.
The vacation package includes roundtrip airfare courtesy of the
Solid Waste Association of North America. Accommodations at
the resort and park passes to the many Disney theme parks were
donated by the Walt Disney World Company
ARD picked the winners in a random drawing from over
6.2 million pledges to recycle more and/or buy more recycled
products in the coming year. This is the third American Green
Dream House that ARD has given away. Pictures of the second
Green Dream House, currently under construction in North
Carolina, and a virtual tour of the first Green Dream House
located in Texas can be found on the America Recycles Day
website at
The mission of America Recycles Day is to promote the
social, economic and environmental benefits of recycling and
buying recycled-content products. America Recycles Day is
organized by a national nonprofit organization whose members
include, Ford Motor Company, Environmental
Defense (formerly Environmental Defense Fund), the Home
Depot, National Recycling Coalition, National Soft Drink
Association, the 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance, Office of
the Federal Environmental Executive, Rechargeable Battery
Recycling Corporation, Recycling Coalition of Texas, Solid Waste
Association of North America, Steel Recycling Institute, U.S.
Conference of Mayors, U.S. Postal Service and Waste
Management. Additional support to America Recycles Day has
been provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and
the Buy Recycled Business Alliance, a partnership of the National
Recycling Coalition.
Additional information is available at


George Rutherford
America Recycles Day, Inc.
1727 King Street #105
Alexandria, VA 22314-2720

Phone 703/683-1605 or 703/683-9025 x226
FAX 703/683-0031 or 703/683-9026

America Recycles Day is November 15th!
Are you ready? Ask me how YOU can get involved!

And, now for my soapbox........

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"To fall seven times, to rise eight - life begins from NOW"

"One man can make a difference and every man should try"

"Your behaviour is a reflection of what you truly believe"

"Our ability to find unity in diversity will be the beauty
and test of our civilization"

"One can can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward
growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be
overcome again and again"


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