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[GreenYes] Wanted: City-sized Environmental Management System

Hello Fellow GreenYes'ers,

I am writing on behalf of the City of Redmond, Washington, home to a 
software giant, a passion for biking, and other charming attributes.

The City's Natural Resources Division is undertaking a pilot to 
improve the City's overall environmental footprint.  Toward this 
effort, they are trying to identify environmental management systems 
that can be borrowed from to assemble a meaningful guidance and 
evaluation structure for the City's resource conservation efforts.

The ISO 14000 series, for example, is generally applied to 
businesses.  Certainly it could be applied to a City.  Are you aware 
of any instances of a City using ISO -- or any other environmental 
management system -- to assess its operations, purchases, effluences, 
etc?  Likewise for Natural Step, etc.

On behalf of the City of Redmond, thanks for any insight you can share into:

1) Cities that have adopted or implemented a management system approach, and

2) management systems or structures that might help inform the City's 
new process.

As always, thanks for your valuable time and effort.


David  Stitzhal
On behalf of the City of Redmond, WA
David Stitzhal, MRP
Full Circle Environmental, Inc.
2955 36th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144
206-723-0528 phone
206-723-2452 fax

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