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[GreenYes] looking for model ordinances
We are looking for model ordinances mandating recycling.  In particular, our
client (a small city) plans to draft two ordinances to:
1) require multifamily property owners/ managers to provide recycling
service and
2) require owners of commercial properties to prepare a recycling plan
designed to achieve 50% diversion (the default plan is to be to agree to do
what the city and hauler suggest).

We are also interested in ordinances mandating separation of material in
debris boxes (C&D or otherwise).

Can anyone steer me to similar ordinances?  Many thanks!

-Connie Cloak

Connie Cloak & Chris Carrieri
C2 Alternative Services
758 Pine Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: 707.573.9808 or 707.568.3783
Fax: 707.575.6866

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