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[GreenYes] Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Demise
I agree with Peter in wanting to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 
I share his anger, but for a completely different reason.   Before I tell you 
why I would like all Greenyes subscribers to get up right now, walk to a door 
or window or any place you can view your gasoline-powered vehicle and ponder 
this:  We can either try and provide at least a portion of the fuel you need 
to power this vehicle on this continent or we can continue to increasingly 
rely on the Middle East to keep our motorized vehicles rolling.

Now this is where my anger and concern comes in.  I lost a dear friend and 
former colleague in the Gulf War.  The Gulf War--don't fool yourselves--was 
fought so we can continue driving our gasoline powered vehicles.  Our 
dependence on oil from this region grows yearly because there are a few areas 
in the United States where we are no longer allowed to drill and explore for 
oil.  These areas are the 50 states and all oceans surrounding the U.S.  
Everything is fragile.  Everything should be protected.  With this in mind 
please be aware dear Greenyes subscribers that some year--perhaps this 
year--perhaps in 10 years or even 20 years--we will be forced by necessity to 
once again engage militarily in the Middle East to protect the flow of oil.

You've taken a look at your motor vehicles.  Now find a picture of your 
children or grandchildren.  These are the folks who may be fighting the next 
fight for oil in the Middle East.  Are you prepared to lose them?  Are you?  

Before we get all bent out of shape about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 
(or Santa Monica Bay or any of a million other pristine places on our 
continent where we may not explore for oil) please PLEASE be aware that we 
cannot have our cake (oil) and eat it too (in a pristine America).  To think 
we can continue to consume oil at our current rate and not pay a price is 
grandiose and delusional.  We need to turn our thoughts toward a long-haul 
solution to our energy needs.

Thanks for letting me have my say.  This is a great forum for the exchange of 
ideas and thoughts.

John Waddell
KJWB Publications, Inc. 

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