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Re: [GreenYes] Artic National Wildlife Refuge Demise
The World Resources Institute yesterday (February 15)
released a study, "Facing the United States Oil Supply
Problems:  Would Opening Up the Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) Really Make A Difference?"
prepared by James J. MacKenzie. It's available at the
WRI website (  MacKenzie states that "we
cannot rely on ANWR to significantly alleviate our
long-term security problems stemming from our reliance
on increasingly imported oil."  He argues that "U.S.
oil production, for all intents and purposes, is a
thing of the past, not the future.  And producing oil
from ANWR does not materially change this simple

Steven J. Russ
Beltsville, MD

--- Peter Anderson <> wrote:
>     You must excuse me for a fit of anger, but the
> facility with which raw venality continues to hijack
> that which is good in America every once in a while
> becomes so heinous that it breaks through even my
> protective shroud of cynicism.
>     According to today's Wall Street Journal ("Study
> Predicts U.S. Need for Oil from Middle East Will
> Increase," 2/15/01), a new three volume study backed
> by a "bipartisan" group of congressional leaders and
> energy experts and "triggered" by former Democratic
> Sen. Sam Nunn and James R. Schlesinger, a former
> Republican secretary of defense and energy concludes
> that there will be no breakthroughs in energy
> conservation and no realization of consequences that
> flow from global warming, and so we have two
> choices: we can either become substantially more
> dependent upon getting more oil from Iran or Libya,
> or (oh you don't like that do you?) ... don't hold
> your breath guessing ... yes we can drill the Arctic
> National Wildlife Refuge.
>     The fix is on!
>     Mind you I have no problem with the automobile
> industry making money. More power to them. But, why
> the god damn hell can't they pitch high mark-up
> Lexuses instead of high rollover gas guzzling SUVs.
>    Peter
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