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Re:transit recycling
From: JAceti@CI.Cambridge.MA.US (Janet C. Aceti)
Subject: [GreenYes] Recycling in Urban Transit Systems
The City of Cambridge is working with the Massachusetts Bay 
Transit Authority to expand newspaper recycling and add bottle and 
can recycling on subway station platforms.  I have collected the 
following information regarding what is done in other urban transit 
systems.  I would be grateful if anyone can alert me to a recycling 
program in an urban transit system that is not on the list below.  

This is a little off-base from what you're discussing, but not totally (it's not about choice/abortion/world peace/justice) In the Chapel Hill Transit System, serving the Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, the Recycling Office has arranged to have  the Transit Garage bus cleaning staff remove and separate newspapers, cans and bottles as the buses come in for cleaning daily. Then, weekly the recycling staff removes the accumulated stored newspaper and containers and takes them to the recycling site. This works well for our small transit system. 

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