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[GreenYes] Save Alaskan Wildlife Refuge & Siskiyou
Hi All:

It isn't too late to save the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge and the Siskiyou
region.  Sign onto the Wilderness Society website (accessible by the site
below) and send letters to President Clinton to designate the Alaskan
Wildlife Refuge and the Siskiyou as National Monuments.  You can also
send letters for a site in Idaho and to stop an airport from being built
or opened in the Everglades.  Its easy and all at one site.

Take action to protect the Siskiyou region

>From Daily Grist 1/2/01

Building on his record-setting use of the 1906 Antiquities Act, Pres. 
Clinton is expected to designate at least five more national 
monuments, including lands in Montana, California, Arizona, and New 
Mexico.  Enviros have in mind more than a dozen potential monument 
sites, including the Siskiyou region in southwestern Oregon.  But the 
president's use of the 1906 act has enraged many Western Republicans. 
Rep. James Hansen (R-Utah), who is expected to chair the House 
Resources Committee, has pledged to explore ways to turn back 
monument designations, and Vice President-elect Dick Cheney, in 
particular, has seemed amenable to the idea.

straight to the source:  Los Angeles Times, Kim Murphy, 02 Jan 2000

straight to the source:  Wall Street Journal, John J. Fialka, 29 Dec 
2000 (access ain't free)

straight to the source:  Washington Times, Valerie Richardson, 02 Jan

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