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From: Michele Raymond (michele@raymond.com)
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 12:00:52 EDT

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    RE Prebate issue

    We have a review of what happened on these remanufacturing bills in the
    SRLU Year-End Edition, just published. Check it out at http://www.raymond.com

    You can get the report for $99 if you send check with order -- that is on
    our post cards, not on web site!


    We wrote a story in the Sept Issue of SRLU about the debate MN OEA
    officials are having with Chamber/Franklin Associates over waste growth
    figures. They claim waste woll grow about 3% per year if they do nothing;
    Franklin estimates about 2% maybe.

    The waste generation figures coming on to states from REAL local figures
    are much higher than Franklins - even when you PULL OUT the C&D and sludge
    and industrial stuff.

    Has anyone at a state level also had this experience?? And is MN's waste
    growth rate (Avg 3.8%/year) unusual? I have seen one estimate putting MSW
    at closer to 500 million tons.

    Any comments, stats, or opinions??


    Michele Raymond

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