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Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 18:44:47 EDT

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    Carl Lehrburger, the author of the Diapers in the Waste Stream (1989)
    states, "this report is written and produced by Carl Lehrburger, who
    assumes responsibility for its content. Copies are available from
    the author for $12.50 each at P.O. Box 580, Sheffield, Massachusetts
    01257. Carl Lehrburger develops recycling programs for Energy
    Answers Corporation, an Albany, New York-based resource recovery and
    waste management firm".

    Again, this info. is on the cover of his literature, from 1989 and I
    do not know if this is current.

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    >It would probably help Jon if anyone on the GRRN list knows how to locate a
    >hard copy of the two principal references on this topic (I can't find them
    >Arthur D. Little, consultants. Disposable Versus Reusable Diapers: Health,
    >Environmental and Economic Comparisons. Cambridge, MA: Arthur D. Little,
    >Lehrburger, Carl. Diapers in the Waste Stream: A Review of Waste Management
    >and Public Policy Issues. 1989

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