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Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 10:52:11 EDT

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    fyi from John Reindl and Peter (both of whose roots go back to Norway)...

    Norwegian Children are the Most Concerned abou the Environment
    Oslo: Norwegian children are the most concerned about the environment, according to
    research among European children. According to the research, the children do all they can
    to make the world more environmentally friendly.
    Tomorrow’s leaders will do more for the environment than today’s.
    While a third of the European business leaders are not at all concerned about the
    environment and only two percent of European associations believe that a good environment
    is important for success, nearly all European children believe that it is important to
    look after the environment.
    Norweigan children are especially concerned about the enviormental, according to a study
    done of 10,000 children throughout Europe by Canon/WWF.
    94 percent of the Norwegian children believe that the environment is very important. The
    average in the study was 89% according to a press release from Canon/WWF.
    Source: Bergenavisen (a newspaper in western Norway), September 25, 2000

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