[GRRN] burlap bag thing

From: Blair Pollock (bpollock@co.orange.nc.us)
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 13:25:50 EDT

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    Weighing in on the burlap bag thing: our local coffee roastery sells them right out of the store, so there must be some demand as noted by others.
    The coffee roaster where I get my bags is listed on a waste exchange and <B=
    demand for the product is good so he limits each 'customer' to 50-100 bags.=
    Karin Grobe &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<FONT COLOR=3D"#0000FF"><U>karingrobe@ear=
    </FONT>The burlap bags in excellent condition that have printed names <BR>
    of coffee companies and locations are saleable as wall hangings, <BR>
    framed or not, in trendy stores or maybe through a Web site.<BR>
    Pat Jones &nbsp;&nbsp;<FONT FACE=3D"Geneva">pjjones@worldnet.att.net<BR>

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