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From: Debra Lombard (deblombard@swinter.com)
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 13:04:53 EDT

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    Electronics Recycling...

    I just returned from the Association of Oregon Recyclers
    convention in Bend, Oregon this past weekend. It was a
    great conference, by the
    way, for anyone who is interested go to
    http://aor.home.mindspring.com. This was my first time and
    I was very impressed with the exhibits,
    the speakers and the general quality of people there. I
    highly reccommend it.

    Back to my original point, while there, I ran into an
    exhibitor that recycles all kinds of electronic equipment
    and parts. Goldsmith Group, Inc.
    is the company name and the email is eric.goldsmithgroup.com
    or check out the website at www.goldsmithgroup.com or
    www.usedprinters.com. I was very impressed with their
    efforts to recycle and reuse everything electronic.

    ~Carrington Barrs

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