[GRRN] Responses to What can be done with commercial burlap coffee bags?

From: Stephanie C. Davis (ScD18@WasteReductionRemedies.com)
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 21:42:58 EDT

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    great for beekeeper smoker fuel.
    beekeepers use something called a smoker (a device that produces smoke) to
    calm the bees before working them. Burlap is the best fuel to use. A Bee
    Supply store would probably take them or a commercial beekeeper. Just a
    thought. I've dealt with bees and still have one hive so I know this
    obscure tidbit.

    Kevin Taylor ktaylor@CIWMB.ca.gov
    Check out the keyword search on CalMAX
    <http://www.ciwmb.ca.gov/CalMAX/Search.asp> . This listing came up:

    Call for details.
    Dan Rider - Benicia, CA - 707-746-0235 r.elements@worldnet.att.net
    County: Solano Listing ID: 16471-5

    Jeffrey Hunts jhunts@ciwmb.ca.gov
    I use them in worm bins, and am not aware of any toxicity issues. I'm not
    sure if the worms eat them, but they seem to hang out on them a lot.
    Something eats them, as they decompose to rag traces in about 4 months. I
    imagine they could be composted commercially, but it would not be a pretty
    sight if they got caught in the windrow turners. I use them for insect and
    moisture control, rather than as a food source.

    The coffee roaster where I get my bags is listed on a waste exchange and
    demand for the product is good so he limits each 'customer' to 50-100 bags.

    Karin Grobe karingrobe@earthlink.net
    For what it is worth, in a previous job I set up a curbside program in the
    San Francisco Bay Area that used burlap bags as residential containers. We
    experienced a fair amount of theft of the empty bags. In speculating about
    who might be taking them and for what reason(s), a popular theory was that
    the culprits were fishermen (or possibly fisherwomen) that planned to use
    the burlap to wrap their catch.

    Mark Bowers mbowers@ci.sunnyvale.ca.us
    Many companies use burlap for erosion control products.
    Maybe the bags could be used for that purpose. I do not
    think the ink is a tremendous source of pollutants. Let me
    know if you need any manufacturers info. I worked on a
    project which is the world's largest bulk coffee handling
    facility in New Orleans, LA called Silocaf. The purpose of
    the company was that coffee could be shipped in bulk in
    containers and did not have to be shipped in burlap bags.

    Debra Lombard deblombard@swinter.com
    You probably already know about her but I'd call Mary Applehof, website
    http://www.wormwoman.com to check with her about Vermicomposting issues
    related to
    burlap bags.

    I'd ask the burlap bag manufacturers if they are recycled or reused.
    probably know.

    Barbara (Nichols) Zaccheo Nichols.Barbaraa@epamail.epa.gov
    The burlap bags in excellent condition that have printed names
    of coffee companies and locations are saleable as wall hangings,
    framed or not, in trendy stores or maybe through a Web site.
    Pat Jones pjjones@worldnet.att.net

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