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From: Brenda Platt (bplatt@ilsr.org)
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 05:42:10 EDT

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    Hi Brenda, John and Tom,

    Could you please forward this message to listserves and/or other interested

    Thanks much,


    ***Join the Next Climate Change Online Discussion***

    *Quiz* How does recycling one ton of aluminum cans affect climate change?
    (Find out by joining the next online climate change discussion.)

    What: Document Your Success: Learn how to document greenhouse gas
    impacts of your waste prevention efforts.

    When: Thursday, September 28, 2pm Eastern Time

    Your Hosts: National Recycling Coalition and EPA

    Where: Online. Go to, http://www.nrc-recycle.org. Click on "NRC
    Programs". Click on "Climate Change & Waste Reduction". Follow
    instructions to enter Online Forum. It takes about 5 minutes to register
    and enter the discussion. Some computer systems may experience firewalls.

    On Thursday, October 26 we will discuss "The Future" (2 pm Eastern)

    Transcripts of prior climate change discussions are available online at
    the NRC web site. Please contact me if you have questions or suggestions.


    Sonya Newenhouse
    NRC Climate Change Project Coordinator
    Sonya Newenhouse, Ph.D.
    Madison Environmental Group, Inc.
    22 North Carroll Street
    Madison, WI 53703

    Phone: 608.280.0800
    Fax: 608.280.8108

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