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    From: San Francisco Examiner, Sunday, 17 September 2000, Page T-3,
    Travelers' Checks

    "Costa Rica gives hotels environmental ratings

     The Costa Rican Tourism Institute, which oversees the national tourist
    board, has created a Web site with a listing of hotels that have been rated
    for their efforts to improve the environment.
     Each hotel that applies for a voluntary Certificate of Sustainable Tourism
    from the institute undergoes a two-day inspection. In addition to
    ecological effects, including its water, energy and product management
    systems, inspectors look at the hotel's impact on the quality of life and
    the community's cultural heritage, and the extent to which guests are
    invited to participate in the hotel's efforts. Each hotel is rated in each
    category from a low of 1 to 5, and each receives an overall rating.
       The Web site (www.turismo-sostenible.co.cr/EN/hme.shtml), available in
    English and Spanish, provides a dirctory searchable by province, number of
    rooms, the hotel's setting and its level of certification. None of the 46
    certified hotels has achieved a 5 overall, but three have earned a 4:
    Observatorio Volcan Arenal in Alajuela Province, near the country's most
    active volcano; Heredura Hotel, a resort and conference center in Heredia
    Province; and the Rosa Blanca Country Inn, also in Heredia."


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