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From: Michele Raymond (michele@raymond.com)
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 10:45:55 EDT

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    Survey Shows State Recycling Managers Favor EPR,
    According to SRLU Year-End Report

        Business Editors

        COLLEGE PARK, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 19, 2000--More than 90%
    of recycling managers responding to an annual survey indicated they
    favor some form of "producer responsibility" (EPR) in the
    U.S. according to the STATE RECYCLING LAWS UPDATE Year-End Edition
    2000, published this week by Raymond Communications, Inc.
        Of the 42 states responding to the survey, 27 of 29 answering a
    question on EPR favored the idea. The survey results, as well as an
    updated version of 32 issue summaries and a complete 50-state wrap of
    existing laws are in the new SRLU Year-End Edition 2000.
        The SRLU survey also showed the vast majority of recycling
    managers are concerned about electronics waste. While only a few
    states have any strategy to deal with the issue, eight indicated they
    expect legislation within three years.
        Almost half - 16 - indicated that there should either be EPR
    legislation, advance disposal fees, or some other policy aimed at
    ensuring manufacturers do their part. Most responses reflected a
    concern that there is a financing gap on electronics recovery that
    must be addressed in some way.
        The Year-End Edition covers packaging mandates, container
    deposits, recycled content laws, green labeling, resin coding,
    landfill bans, heavy metals bans, tax incentives, purchasing
    preferences for recycled products, flow control of trash, durables
    recycling and composting. The report features a 50-state wrap-up of
    what recycling laws are on the books.
        This year, all 510 bill summaries for 2000 are in an Acrobat file in
    disk, included with the
    report. The report also features nine tables of laws
    covering the U.S. and Canada.

        A few highlights:

        -- About six states amended their comprehensive recycling laws,
            though only Maryland changed its recycling goal.

        -- Six states amended their packaging laws, with California
            expanding its deposit system.

        -- Five states amended or enacted purchasing preference laws -
            Idaho passed a new one.

        -- While no states amended their tax incentive laws, many
            have expired, so there are only 20 states left with such laws.

        -- Three states enacted or amended heavy metals bans in products,
            with New Hampshire passing a major ban on mercury in products.

        The 130-page report is available by itself, or it is free with a
    new subscription to SRLU, a monthly newsletter.

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