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    Green Resource Center
    Request for Qualifications
    Project Manager

    I. Introduction

    The Green Resource Center (GRC), located in downtown Berkeley next to City
    of Berkeley's offices, is a project of the nonprofit organization
    Architects/ Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility. In operation for
    one and a half years, the Center provides information, guidance, and
    consulting services on sustainable building materials, practices, and

    The GRC is the prime contractor to the City of Berkeley on two projects that
    will promote green building development within Berkeley. These projects are:

    _ Berkeley Green Building Policy: Assisting the City of Berkeley in
    developing a Green Building Policy; and
    _ Berkeley's Best Builders: Providing targeted pre-design assistance on 30
    new developments.

    The GRC seeks a consultant to manage these two projects. The main
    responsibilities of the consultant will be to plan the work program, develop
    and execute strategies, assign and track resources, staff, and consultants,
    and to provide bi-weekly briefings to the City Project Manager. The GRC will
    provide technical and administrative staff to assist the consultant in the
    execution of these two projects.

    This RFQ contains information on the consultant's desired qualifications,
    the proposed scope for each project, the timeline for hiring the consultant,
    and contact information.

    II. Desired Qualification
    The Consultant shall be experienced in managing delivery of technical
    assistance and working with local governments in the development of
    environmental programs. Desired qualifications include experience in:

    _ Green building and energy efficiency issues;
    _ Research and analysis;
    _ Developing, administering, and conducting workshops;
    _ Public outreach and communications with the press;
    _ Public participation processes and meeting facilitation;
    _ Managing a project budget.

    III. Green Builder Policy (Phase 1) - Proposed Scope
    In conjunction with the City of Berkeley, Consultant shall conduct a public
    process to develop a framework for a Green Builder Policy for the City of
    Berkeley. The purpose of this process will be to scope public understanding
    of and reaction to green building issues and research appropriate green
    building policies for implementation in Berkeley. The process shall include
    research and analysis, outreach, workshops and staffing of an advisory
    group. All work shall be done in coordination with the City of Berkeley's
    Project Manager.

    A. Strategic Planning
    1. Core Group
    Consultant shall convene a Core Group to advise on the project. Consultant
    shall collaborate with the City Project Manager to assemble a list of
    candidates. All appointments to the Core Group will be subject to the
    approval of the City Project Manager.
    2. Workshops
    _ Consultant shall develop a strategic plan for executing green building
    policy development workshops. The strategy shall include an identification
    of the target audience, an outreach and marketing plan, a description of the
    workshop goals and topics to be addressed and a schedule.
    _ Consultant shall prepare a workshop package for each workshop, including
    an agenda, discussion topics and background materials.
    _ Consultant, in conjunction with the City of Berkeley, shall manage the
    execution of 3-4 workshops.

    B. Research
    The GRC currently has project researcher and an administrative assistant
    working on the project. With their help, the Consultant shall manage the
    following research:

    1. Green Building Program Examples
    Examples of green building programs from other jurisdictions that are most
    appropriate for Berkeley's economic and political climate.
    2. Database of Technical Professionals and Resources
    Database of professionals and tradespeople in the Bay Area skilled in the
    areas of green design, environmentally sound building materials, energy
    efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and construction waste reduction
    and recycling.

    D. Analysis and Final Report
    Consultant shall manage the preparation of a final report recommending a
    Green Building Policy Framework and Action Plan appropriate for review by
    the City Council. Consultant shall submit a draft report for review by the
    Core Group. The final report shall -discuss but not be limited to the
    following topics:

    _ A summary of the Phase 1 process;
    _ An analysis of the issues discussed at the workshop;
    _ An analysis of the relationship between a proposed green building policy
    and existing City environmental and development programs (to be completed by
    City Staff under a separate scope of work);
    _ A summary of existing green building programs nationally that can serve as
    appropriate models for Berkeley; and
    _ A recommendation regarding an Action Plan, a Phase 2 process and a
    framework for a green building policy.

    IV. Berkeley's Best Builders - Proposed Scope
    Consultant shall manage implementation of the Berkeley's Best Builders (BBB)
    program which shall provide 25-30 in-depth, project-specific technical
    assistance sessions to assist commercial and multi-family development
    applicants with identifying energy efficiency strategies applicable to their
    building type. BBB clients shall be developers and their design teams who
    are considering a specific new construction or rehabilitation project in
    Berkeley and who have not yet filed for a building permit. Consultant shall
    be responsible for managing the following:

    _ Preparation of outreach and technical materials,
    _ initiation of media coverage,
    _ Recruitment of clients,
    _ Provision of design assistance services,
    _ Preparation of client reports,
    _ Execution and analysis of post-session surveys,
    _ Preparation of a final project report.

    V. Timeline for Hiring Consultant

    The GRC would like to hire the consultant to begin work as soon as possible.
    The following is the timeline:

    _ Deadline for submittals: September 27, 2000 5:00 PM
    _ Interviews of candidates October 2 and 3, 2000
    _ Contract executed October 6, 2000

    VI. Contact

    Interested parties can email, fax or mail submittals.

    GRC Project Manager Search
    Office of Economic Development
    City of Berkeley
    2118 Milvia Street, Ste. 200
    Berkeley, CA 94704
    Fax: (510) 883-6554
    Email: csquire@ci.berkeley.ca.us

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