[GRRN] Albertson's removes mercury thermometers

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Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 16:46:27 EDT

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    Thursday September 14, 6:06 pm Eastern Time
    Albertson's removes mercury thermometers

    BOISE, Idaho, Sept 14 (Reuters) - Albertson's Inc (NYSE:ABS - news) said on
    Thursday it will remove mercury thermometers from its 2,500 stores located
    in 36 states, prompted by concerns about their health risks.

    ``There was a time when mercury thermometers were all we had,'' said Pam
    Powell, Albertson's Group Vice President Marketing, adding, that ``now we
    have options...that are economically feasible, effective and environmentally

    Albertson said its decision was prompted by a coalition called Health Care
    Without Harm, a collaborative campaign of 270 organizations in 24 different
    countries working to eliminate pollution from health care practices without
    compromising safety or patient care.

    ``Many consumers don't realise that mercury is a neurotoxin, which means it
    can affect how a person walks, talks, sees or thinks,'' said Jamie Harvie,
    coordinator of the group's campaign to banish mercury from health care.

    Harvie said mercury thermometers are the largest source of mercury in the
    solid waste stream and that even small amounts of mercury can do significant

    What's more, poison control centers field about 18,000 phone calls every
    year about broken mercury thermometers.

    Along with pulling mercury thermometers from their shelves, Albertson said
    it run an ad campaign about the thermometers' health risks was encouraging
    customers to dispose of them at hazardous waste collection facilities.

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