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From: EarthGB@aol.com
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 05:10:05 EDT

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    Dear Brian et al,
      I've recently seen several excellent resources online re paper consumption,
    whether we're really going paperless or not, buying recycled paper, good
    factoids, etc. I suggest checking the following:

    1. Center for a New American Dream (the Escape from Affluenza folks) puts
    out a monthly e-newsletter. The latest is on paper use:
    2. an excellent Buy Recycled Paper guide in PDF format, written by Susan
    Kinsella, recycled paper expert extraordinaire, is available from several
    3. Paper Cuts is a very good study from the Worldwatch Institute, available
    for $5 in PDF from their site:

      By the way, I've seen your posts before. Where is Four Counties?

    Good luck,
    Gretchen Brewer
    Earth Circle
    PO Box 81985
    San Diego, CA 92138-1985
    ph 619-298-7626, fax 619-298-7967

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