[GRRN] Outdoor Beverage Recycling Containers

From: Kae Ono (kono@bicd.co.contra-costa.ca.us)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 20:15:12 EDT

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    Dear Greenyes,

    I am in the process of purchasing beverage recycling containers for a
    outdoor beverage recycling program. Some parks are subject to heavy
    vandalism and theft. Containers need to be heavy enough that they
    cannot be removed easily from one place to the other (but can be
    moved if they need to be). And most importantly, they need to
    include recycled materials. Do any of you suggest any particular
    container types or specific vendors? Thank you for your help.


    Kae Ono

    Kae Ono
    Contra Costa County Community Development Department
    Telephone: (925)335-1230
    Fax: (925)335-1299

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