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    >The U.S. industry lobbying against the EU WEEE directive is continuing
    >(see below). Please respond and encourage your friends to respond by
    >circulating the letter to V.P. Gore posted at

    You can also send letters directly to the hight-tech companies at


    Ted Smith

    >US firms lobby Gore over EU electroscrap plans
    >ENDS Daily - 06/09/00
    >EU plans to force electronic and electrical (E&E) equipment
    >companies to recycle their products and stop using hazardous
    >materials could increase the sector's overall environmental
    >impact, according to a group of E&E manufacturers in the
    >USA. In a letter to US vice president Al Gore, the American
    >Electronics Association (AEA) and the Electronics Industries
    >Alliance (EIA) say the plans will have "enormous
    >environmental and economic consequences."
    >The concerns relate to draft directives on electronic waste
    >(WEEE) and on restricting certain dangerous substances in
    >manufacture (ROS), recently proposed by the European
    >Commission (ENDS Daily 13 June). The AEA and EIA say the
    >directives "may in the long-run cause more harm than good
    >because they are not based on any environment analysis and
    >may fail to promote…an efficient recycling infrastructure
    >across the EU."
    > >Of "particular concern," they say, are plans to substitute
    > >lead, mercury and cadmium by 2008. This "may result in a
    > >net negative environmental impact by forcing adoption of
    > >substitutes that could have a more detrimental impact than
    > >the substances they replace." The comments echo criticisms
    > >made by EU industry (ENDS Daily 14 June), though the
    > >Commission's proposal makes it clear that substitution
    > >should only take place if the overall effect is a reduction
    > >of environmental impact.
    > >
    > >The associations have turned to Gore, they say, because the
    > >proposed law could have "significant adverse financial
    > >implications for American high-tech firms" and because of a
    > >"lack of meaningful opportunity to have our views addressed
    > >by the EU authorities."
    > >
    > >The AEA and EIA say the issue is a "major trade concern" and
    > >many in Brussels believe it could follow bananas, growth
    > >hormones and GMOs as a point of transatlantic friction. A
    > >year ago, lawyers for the AEA claimed the EU's proposals
    > >would be illegal under World Trade Organisation rules (ENDS
    > >Daily 9 September 1999).
    > >
    > >Follow-up: AEA (http://www.aeanet.org), tel: +1 202 682
    > >4445; EIA (http://www.eia.org), tel: +1 703 907 7576. See
    > >also the letter
    > >(http://www.leadfree.org/AlGoreLetter7-10-00.htm).
    > >
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