[GRRN] Chillable Aluminum Can

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Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 15:47:22 EDT

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        According to the 9/1/00 Wall Street Journal ("Cold Drinks Without a Cooler," at p.
    B1), the self-chilling aluminum can has resurfaced and this time it purports to be the
    real thing.

        This version by International Thermal Packaging, works with water and a desiccant that
    is begun by twisting the bottom of the can that brings the water and desiccant together
    causing the water to evaportate, drawing the heat out of the soda and the heat is theen
    trapped at the bottom with vinegar salt.

        Unstated is how much the can will cost per unit which is the limiting factor.

      Mr. Guarino of ITP says "It's completely self-contained. It's not pressurized. It
    doesn't hurt the environment." Any thoughts on that last point from aluminum recyclers?

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