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    BizEthics Buzz August 2000
    In this issue:
    * Pew Center on Global Climate Changes the Mind of Industry
    * "Work to Live" Campaign Urges Mandated Vacation Time
    * UN's ‘Global Compact' Criticized for Lack of Enforcement
    * Socially Responsible Funds Continue to Outperform in 2000
    * Dole Foods Is Certified as First Humane Farm
    * Pax World Tackles Recycling of Computers
    * British More Critical of High CEO Pay Than Americans
    * Bremen Initiative Seeks Successful Business and Municipality Partnerships

    Pew Center on Global Climate Changes the Mind of Industry
        The Economist on August 12 editorialized that Eileen Claussen of the Pew
    Center on Global Climate has been largely responsible for a shift in attitude
    among corporations, toward greater sympathy climate change. The Global
    Climate Coalition--an industry group that sought to discredit the notion of
    climate change--"had a virtual monopoly as the public face of corporate
    America in the climate debate," before the launch of the Pew Center two years
    ago, the magazine wrote. "Today, the GCC is a spent force, while the Pew's
    blue-chip member companies have annual sales of more than $500 billion."
        The magazine quoted the US State Department's chief negotiator in climate
    change issues, Frank Loy, as saying big firms have "shifted from being
    climate skeptics to climate activists," a shift he credited to Claussen. Said
    Claussen herself, "In the past, only the bad guys were out there in the
    media. We raised the ante by being so public."
        One example of the shift: Dupont has pledged to reduce its emissions 45
    percent by the end of 2000. Overall, 14 major corporations have signed on
    Pew's Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC), which has issued a
    statement supporting the Kyoto Protocal, and urging businesses to reduce
    emissions and invest in cleaner technologies. Signatories are ABB, AEP, BP
    Amoco, Baxter, CH2M, Dupont, Enron, Entergy, Lockheed Martin, PG&E, Shell,
    Toyota, United Tech, and Whirlpool.
        For additional information on the Pew Center, see:
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