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Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 23:46:14 EDT

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    August 29, 2000
    For Immediate Release

    Andrew Hagelshaw, Center for Commercial-Free Public
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    Ruth Robarts - Vice President, Madison School Board
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    Matt D. Nelson ­ Madison Resident 608 262-9036
    Judy Gump ­ Madison Memorial High School Teacher
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    Madison School Board Votes to Leave Coke Contract

    Becomes First School District to Enter, Then Leave
    Exclusive Contract

    Madison, WI- The Madison School Board voted Monday,
    August 28 to end the school district's exclusive cola
    contract with the Coca-Cola corporation. Madison was
    among the first school districts to sign an exclusive cola
    contract in June of 1997, and now becomes the very first
    to cancel an already existing deal.

    "This vote was very significant, and indicates the new trend
    of rejecting exclusive cola contracts around the country,"
    said Andrew Hagelshaw, Executive Director for the Center
    for Commercial-Free Public Education. "Madison helped
    start a trend in 1997, and now will start another. Districts
    are realizing that these deals only take advantage of under-
    funded schools and turn students into a captive audience
    for brand name advertisingS and for an unhealthy product
    at that."

    Community opposition to the Coke contract in Madison had
    grown significantly during the last three years. A group of
    60 parents, students, teachers, and community members
    showed up to Mondayıs meeting, several of which testified
    in opposition to the contract. Board members stated that
    they had received "overwhelming public opposition" to the
    Coke contract. The final vote registered 5-2 against Coke.

    Several other proposed deals have been rejected nationally
    this year, including a $43 million deal with Coke voted down
    by Philadelphia schools in January 2000. Sacramento
    (CA) schools recently voted down a Pepsi offer and are
    now investigating whether soda machines belong in schools
    at all. The Dental Associations of Michigan and
    Pennsylvania recently came out publicly in opposition to
    exclusive cola deals. ###

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