[GRRN] New Nonprofit - Zero Waste Alliance

From: Bill Sheehan (bill_sheehan@mindspring.com)
Date: Sun Aug 27 2000 - 18:51:05 EDT

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    [From http://www.zerowaste.org/]

    Zero Waste Alliance

    Working for the elimination of waste and toxics.

    About ZWA
    The Zero Waste Alliance (ZWA) is dedicated to helping businesses and other
    organizations improve their economic prosperity through improved
    environmental performance using the strategy of waste reduction with zero
    waste as the ideal long-term goal. This approach leads to lower cost of
    resources, energy, and waste management; higher morale; and improved
    community image. It can also reduce or eliminate the need for compliance
    environmental regulations.

    Zero Waste Alliance
    One World Trade Center
    121 SW Salmon Street, Suite 210
    Portland, OR 97204

    503-279-9383 Telephone
    503-279-9381 Fax

    Welcome to the Zero Waste Alliance

    The Zero Waste Alliance is a non-profit organization of universities,
    government, businesses and other organizations working to investigate the
    of Zero Waste as a strategy to obtain cost savings, competitive advantages
    and reduced environmental impacts. The ZWA approach combines the
    concepts and tools of industrial ecology and green chemistry.

    The Zero Waste Alliance provides the following services:
         A Forum for organizations interested in investigating zero waste
         Education Support for organizations involved in improvement
         Resource Clearinghouse to identify resources to solve the most
           difficult problems

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